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Customer Reviews

Oak Bay Copy Centre Ltd is dedicated to great customer service. We want you to leave happy and satisfied. Read some testimonials and reviews from a few of our recent customers. Contact us today for more information or just stop by our store.


Friendly, nice to see they had dogs there, also it's the FedEx®drop off for the city.

Avi L.

Highly Recommend

The best customer service I've had in a long time. Just picked up a Fedex package from here. Highly recommend.

Charles H.

Awesome Crew

I have never met such an awesome crew here who are dedicated, skillful and welcoming. Empowering business asset is what we need in this city. Thanks Oak Bay Copy Centre!

S. I.


Great if you don't have a printer, or forget to buy printer ink (like me). They have a dog, very cute!

Raven S.

So Convenient

I use the Oak Bay Copy Centre for all my business needs. The location is so convenient, not having to go downtown. The staff are friendly, efficient, knowledgeable, and take care of all my reports, newsletters, faxes, and packages. It's always a pleasure doing business with them.


Helpful, Cheerful, and Courteous

I've been self-publishing books and magazines for over twenty years and I've always used Oak Bay Copy. I've found the owner and her staff to be helpful, cheerful and courteous every time. They are masters of multitasking! I have seen them juggle up to ten jobs at once with all copy machines blazing and faxes, binding and shredding machines roaring away. Kudos to Oak Bay Copy for always being there for me. I did get a cheerful frown when I asked to use a Visa to pay for a ten cent copy though, but it was all well and good because I certainly should've known better.

Gareth G.

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